Lamborghini Hits San Diego Flood, Doesn’t Care

Meet the Lamboat.

byMax Prince|
Lamborghini News photo


Drought-plagued California is getting some rain. Like, a lot of rain. Flash floods, even, thanks to thetorrential monstrosity that is El Niño. Residents of San Diego have suddenly found themselves staring down submerged intersections. Of course, there are options. Bust a U-turn. Ferry across. Or, you know, drive your Lamborghini Gallardo through waist-deep storm water. Whatever. No big deal.

This guy, ladies and gentleman, is a goddamn hero. Because that’s every young enthusiast’s pledge, right? If I owned an Italian supercar, I’d drive it every day, no matter what, and wring out every last drop of enjoyment. Well, this man’s actually following through. Kudos, Captain. Happy sailing.

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