You’ve Just Bought Lamborghini. Now What?

VW recently turned down a $9.2B offer for Lamborghini. What would you do if you were given the keys the legendary company?

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED May 31, 2021 2:00 PM
You’ve Just Bought Lamborghini. Now What?

Early this week, reports surfaced detailing a $9.2 billion offer made by an Anglo-Swiss consortium to buy Lamborghini from the Volkswagen Group. An Audi representative responded by reassuring everyone that the Italian supercar brand is not for sale but the whole thing got us wondering: If you were suddenly the new owner of Lamborghini, what would you do?

The enthusiast-pandering answer would probably be to immediately discontinue the Urus SUV, cease all electric-related development, commit to building nothing but mid-engined V10 and V12 supercars until the end of time, and bring back the manual transmission—gated, of course. While that plan would play great with the car nerds on Reddit and the comment sections of every automotive website, it's not really a business plan that'll result in Lamborghini being a business for very long.


Realistically, then, there isn't much I'd alter or add to Lamborghini's current lineup or plans except this: factory safari Urus. Being the brand's top seller by a good margin, the Lambo SUV's importance to the company's bottom line is undeniable but I'm not sure it's earned the respect from fans that Lamborghini hoped it would. The solution? A hardcore, off-road-ready halo variant with a lift, the biggest tires safety standards will allow, an uprated engine, and an eff-you attitude even greater than that of the regular Urus. It shall be the Raptor to the regular F-150 and be called the Urus LM003

If Lamborghini's real, actual product planner is reading this, you can have this one for free.

But what say you? It's time to play armchair CEO in the comments.

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