Watch These Good Canadians Trap a Thief in a Pickup Truck Until Police Arrive

"Not a good day for stealing trucks, huh?"

A man was arrested last week after attempting to steal a pickup truck from the parking lot of a Subway restaurant in the middle of the day—only to fail at hotwiring the vehicle and get trapped inside by a group of Good Samaritans until police arrived.

According to Global News, several people in the restaurant noticed the man break into a Chevrolet Avalanche parked right outside the front door and went out to investigate. The group watched as he locked himself in the truck and struggled to start it; eventually, one of the witnesses pulled out his smartphone to record the surreal scene.

The video shows the men guarding both sides of the truck as the would-be thief completely ignores them and attempts to tear apart the dashboard and steering column, while another witness narrates the proceedings to an emergency operator on the phone. After a few minutes of them mocking him for failing to get the Chevy started, the real authorities arrive in a column of three police cruisers.

The officers order him out of the truck, and when he refuses, one of them breaks a window and uses a Taser to take him down. While the way the situation started is kind of amusing, the conclusion certainly is not: You can see him drop a knife on the ground in the struggle, and police later found two more knives and several bullets in his possession.

Nineteen-year-old Brady Alook was charged with attempted motor vehicle theft, possessing a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, and several other crimes. Hopefully he doesn’t learn how to actually hotwire a car while incarcerated.