Canadian Man Flees Police By Floating Down River on a Block of Ice

New Brunswick: The Florida of the north?

In a story more Canadian than a curling controversy, a man in the province of New Brunswick was arrested after police say he fled the scene of an assault by using a floating block of ice as a getaway…vehicle, according to Global News.

The impromtu ice-capade began after Royal Canadian Mounted Police received a call about an assault at a residence in the city of Moncton early Thursday morning. When officers arrived, the suspect had already left—but shortly after, police spotted him floating down the nearby Petitcodiac River on what was described as a “large piece of ice.”

Creative, yes. Effective, no. The ice floe didn’t get very far before getting caught in a jam, and police began the difficult task of apprehending someone standing on a slippery, unstable surface. Rescue teams tried to entice him with a rope and a life jacket, but he reportedly “refused their help.”

Eventually, officials contacted the Canadian Coast Guard, who sent over a search and rescue team with a helicopter to pluck him off the frozen river. Seeing that, the suspect clambered over to the marshy bank where he was arrested by RCMP officers.

“He’s very lucky to still be with us,” Dieppe District Fire Chief Marc Cormier told Global News.

34-year-old Mike Delahunt was charged with assault, uttering threats, property damage, and breach of probation. Unfortunately, it seems like he’ll still be on ice a while longer.