Car Full of Naked People Arrested by Canadian Mounties After ‘Very Bizarre’ Crash

There’s a lot to unpack here.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Car Full of Naked People Arrested by Canadian Mounties After ‘Very Bizarre’ Crash

Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers responding to a call about a crash in Alberta, Canada on Monday morning found quite the scene when they arrived: a car full of naked people in various states of intoxication.

In what we're pretty sure isn't just a Monty Python sketch, the Associated Press reports that RCMP officers found four naked women and one naked man in one of the vehicles involved in the two-car crash. They were all transported to an area hospital with "undisclosed injuries." There's no mention if any of them were wearing seatbelts, but either way, a car crash in the buff is a pretty unfortunate thing to experience.

However, the Mounties arrested all five of them on Tuesday morning after uncovering evidence they say points to a "purposeful collision" caused by the naked group. They also pointed to drugs and alcohol being involved.

"We are trying to sort through all the different information we have so we can figure out from start to finish what this incident is all about," Cpl. Laurel Scott told the AP.

Making things all the more "bizarre," in the words of authorities, is where this all went down. The crash occurred on a two-lane road outside the tiny town of Nisku in a rural area populated mostly by oil drilling operations. Additionally, the road was covered in snow at the time.

So we know it's only Tuesday, but there's a nice mental image to get you through the week: A car full of drunk, naked Canadians careening madly out of control through an oil field. Never change, Canada.