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Video Shows Canadian Man Jumping Tesla on Railroad Tracks Before Crashing Into Tree

The 4,500-plus pound car flew through the air with ease.

A 46-year-old Canadian man from Barrie, Ontario was charged Tuesday night after somehow managing to get his 2016 Tesla Model S airborne and crashing into a tree, reported local news source Barrie Today.

According to police, the driver of the Tesla was travelling at a high rate of speed (if you couldn’t tell from the security camera footage below) when he reached the railroad crossing. The incline caused the Model S to travel trough the air for nearly 100 feet before making contact with the pavement once again, leaving imprints in the asphalt.

The action didn’t just stop there, because the driver was unable to regain control of the luxury electric sedan after he stuck the landing. The Tesla continued to skid across the highway until it hopped a curb and careened into a school parking lot, finally colliding with a tree. No footage of the actual collision exists, but security and dash cameras nearby caught several angles of the car going airborne.

Depending on the battery pack configuration, a Tesla Model S can weigh from 4,500 to 5,000 pounds, making the feat even more extravagant to pull off. Photos also show that the Tesla had lost a rear wheel in the crash, which could be partly responsible for the loss of control.

The driver and passenger were reportedly taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries, but not before the driver was charged with “dangerous driving.” Local news reported he is set to appear in court over the charges Oct. 1.