Man Wraps Lamborghini

No need to guess what’s under the wrapping paper.

byRob Stumpf|
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Remember as a kid there was always that one present under the tree that you tried to figure out what it was just based on its shape or size? Maybe it had certain curves that gave it away or a rather convincing silhouette. Well, what we've got here is exactly that, and I bet you can't tell that it's a Lamborghini Urus SUV—kidding.

Or maybe you can, because that penguin wrapping paper that clings so loosely to the vehicle's body panels is akin to wrapping a vacuum cleaner and giving it to your significant other on Christmas morning. And even if you can make out what it is (you can), it's still Lamborghini's super SUV that's here to brighten your holidays just a little bit more.

The Urus is owned by rally driver and car collector Harrison Woodruff who wanted to bring a little bit of cheer to the roads as Christmas approached. So he outfitted the car with some wrapping paper, Christmas lights, a decorative wreath on the front grille, and a fully lit Christmas tree on the roof rack.

I get it—this isn't the type of upgrade you want to see someone do to a 641-horsepower supercharged SUV. Honestly, it feels like one of those office cubical pranks where someone wraps all of your belongings right before the short Christmas break and you have to do that fake laugh while losing an entire morning of productivity.

Rest assured that it's only temporary and that better things will soon come once this little present gets opened on Christmas morning. Woodruff says that the SUV will undergo a complete overhaul to kick off 2021 with work by 1016 Industries, including new exterior elements, custom carbon fiber bits, an exhaust, and much more.

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So enjoy the little bit of Christmas spirit and feel better knowing that folks with high-dollar cars still like being a little silly sometimes.

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