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Lamborghini, MIT Unveil Electric Terzo Millennio Concept

The future of the Raging Bull begins now.

Last Friday, Lamborghini teased a new concept car with a simple picture and caption, describing the new vehicle as the “future of super sports cars.” 

As EmTech MIT opened on Monday, Lamborghini pulled the wraps off of the fully-electric Terzo Millennio––and it’s even crazier than we imagined. The Lambo’s name, Italian for “Third Millennium,” describes the innovative energy storage and materials Lamborghini (with help from MIT) has devised to implement into the next generation of its supercars.

The most significant piece of news is that Lamborghini’s new halo car is completely electric, foregoing a screaming V12 for supercapacitors capable of delivering immense power at any speed and recovering more kinetic energy. Regular batteries also don’t age as well and aren’t efficient enough for the Lamborghini’s liking.

In spite of its electric power, Lamborghini is currently developing a sound system to give the car a distinct “exhaust” note (for lack of a better term). It wouldn’t be a Lambo if it didn’t make vicious sounds, after all. 

Like the Rimac Concept One, the Terzo Millennio’s four electric motors sit behind each wheel, giving the hypercar all-wheel-drive and the ability to inject torque straight into all the wheels with ease. Lamborghini says this keeps the entire powertrain as low-profile as possible, letting the brand’s imagination run wild when it comes to design and aerodynamics. However, this does present the issue of additional weight and a trickier drivetrain layout.

The former can be solved by a fusion of carbon fiber and nano-material that stores electrical energy to recharge the car. This futuristic material will eventually help the Terzo Millennio detect and even repair damage–– yes, this bull will apparently be self-healing.

There aren’t any performance figures yet, but we’re expecting at least 1000 horsepower with the new technology on hand.  While the upcoming Urus hybrid will use a conventional plug-in system, Lamborghini says that the Terzo Millennio will define the future of electric high-performance cars.