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Lamborghini Urus Spotted Testing in Disguise at the Nurburgring

Is a four-door crossover the right move for Lamborghini?

As per usual with today’s tech-connected society, camouflage does little for manufacturers trying to hide their vehicles from the press. It may conceal the final styling, but if you see a camouflaged vehicle on the Nurburgring, you know what the manufacturer’s up to. The most recent vehicle to join this tradition of predictability is the upcoming Lamborghini Urus crossover, spotted by YouTube user NM2255

This will be the brand’s first four-door vehicle since the LM002 SUV, last produced in 1993, and it’s rumored to be powered by a 4.0 liter twin turbo V8. Note how we’re not using the term SUV here to describe the Urus—because it isn’t one. With unibody construction and ground clearance that’s far too low to ever be taken on anything resembling a trail, the Urus is about as pure a crossover as they come.

But the question remains, is this vehicle out of character for Lamborghini? The LM002 may have broken the four-door ground for Lamborghini, but with one look at it you can tell it’s nutty enough to be a Lamborghini. But with a pug-like face resembling a Renault Megane, it appears the Urus is Lamborghini resigning to being as mass-market as six-figure cars get. 

Like the rest of Lamborghini’s current lineup, including the Huracan and Aventador, its styling is conservative for the price. Even Richard Hammond is critical of Lamborghini’s current stock, and if you go back and look at it, the Huracan is really just an evolved, tamed version of the Sesto Elemento and Gallardo. The Aventador itself looks like a copy/paste version of the Reventon.

So, is the Urus really a car fit for Lamborghini? Yes, but that’s because Lamborghini has somewhat lost what made them special: their insanity. In that regard, the Urus fits in perfectly.