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Lego My Gullwing: This Mercedes 300SL Model Can’t Be Beat

The fifties Benz supercar reimagined with Legos.

Out of a Lego kit, dexterous children and shameless adult (You mean ‘cool,’ right?—Ed.) can snap together Ferrari F40s, Volkswagen camper vans, Mini Coopers, Volvo backhoes and basically anything on wheels, wings or skis. The truly skilled can order individual Lego bricks and build their own vehicles from scratch. That’s where we get to custom rides like this fantastic 1954 Mercedes 300 SL.

We haven’t dug that far into the Spanish Lego enthusiast community, but we know this: A man in Madrid named Fernando constructed this fully-motorized 1:10 scale gem from Lego Technic parts. He even builds his own chassis—dubbed Modular All-Terrain Platform, or MAP, a la Volkswagen—with motorized steering, propulsion and a working four-speed gearbox. The gullwing doors swing up. The door handles pop out. The front suspension is a double wishbone, the rear a swing axle. The only thing Fernando couldn’t do was slant the six-cylinder engine a couple degrees like on the real car. With Lego tubing, he was able to recreate some of the supercar’s curving fenders to great effect. So what if it only goes 2 mph?

If you really want to appreciate how detailed Lego modeling can get, visit his page and buy some instruction sets. The SL’s future may be unclear. But building its past is forever rad.