VW Emissions Cheating Extends to Porsche, Expected to Recall 60,000 Vehicles

About 60,000 Cayenne and Macan SUVs will be recalled across Europe.

Germany’s KBA automotive regulator has asked Volkswagen’s Porsche sports car division to recall about 60,000 diesel-engined Cayenne and Macan sport utility vehicles.

The recall came after inspections revealed that the SUVs contain software designed to reduce the emissions controls for nitrogen oxide, a compound that when inhaled can cause or worsen respiratory ailments, according to the EPA. 

This is the latest setback in VW’s attempt to remedy the diesel emission scandal of 2015, according to Bloomberg. The scandal was revealed when the Environmental Protection Agency found that many VW cars being sold in America had a defeat device in the engine that allowed the vehicles to cheat emissions tests.

Last week, Porsche’s sister brand Audi suspended deliveries of current A6 and A7 models, furthering the recall streak and adding tarnish to the luxury brand’s image.

In a statement, Porsche said that it takes full responsibility for the affected vehicles and that dealers will contact owners of those vehicles after an appropriate engine fix has been approved by regulators.

In February Porsche, which uses diesel engines from Audi, notified German regulators about irregularities it found in emissions test. In March Audi said it expected the KBA to issue more diesel recalls as it scrutinizes a number of vehicles it sold in Europe, according to Bloomberg.

“Independently from the technical solution Porsche continues to conduct internal tests on its vehicles and makes optimizations” based on its findings, the company said.  According to Bloomberg Porsche said it continues to work closely with relevant authorities.