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Here’s What It Really Cost to Get Car Bibles’ Cheap Fiat Abarth Driving Nicely

Plus: A big change for California's smog requirements, more projects, some tuner car history, and commentary on the prices of 4Runners.

After an exciting weekend at Radwood Norcal, Car Bibles is back to blogs as usual with updates on project cars, important legal information for tuners, some history, used car commentary, and did we mention project cars?

We had quite a few good ones this week! Our report on California’s smog requirements changing got a lot of traction thanks to a wide share on Reddit, but we had some good updates on our own cars that I hope you’ll dig too.

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Here’s What I’ve Spent Getting My $1,500 Fiat 500 Abarth to Nice Driving Condition

Kevin Williams got his hands on a Fiat Abarth that had an apparently blown engine and a host of other problems. Usually, jobs like this only get worse the deeper you go, but Williams has actually been pretty lucky. Not only has this car been relatively easy to work on, but even after a big host of repairs, he’s still in good financial shape with it.

California Will Start Checking for ECU Tuning In Smog Checks This Month

On July 19, 2021, just a few days from now, California will start checking ECUs for smog compliance. You can expect a big update on the specifics on The Drive soon, but meanwhile, you should give this rundown post a look to get a sense of where things are at.

Remembering “PA Dubbers” And The VW Forum Culture Of The 2000s

Even growing up in the northeast, I can’t say I was familiar with the term “dubber” before reading this article. Take a peek at a piece of sport compact history from the not-too-distant past here.

A Hidden Defect Got Me This Dented Honda Civic for $800

Kevin Williams’ next buy-fix-resell project is a humble Honda Civic. Yeah, the beat-up body accounts partially for the low price. But the real reason he got it so cheap is that the engine suffered a catastrophic malfunction that was shockingly common in these cars. It’ll need a lot of bodywork and a new powerplant before it can be sent along to its next owner.

The Ford Bronco Sport Actually Impressed Me Off-Road

There’s been boundless hype about the new Bronco and its off-road abilities, but the little Bronco Sport is apparently surprisingly impressive off-road too. Peter Nelson and Chris Rosales took one up to an off-road park north of Los Angeles and beat it up a little bit to see what it could do.

The M3baru Is an All-Wheel Drive M-Swapped BMW E46 Wagon That Thinks It’s a Subaru

This is just a really cool short film about a really cool car. An E46 Wagon is sweet on its own, making it M3 powered is amazing, and then taking that setup and making it all-wheel drive to come up with a unique German rally wagon? I mean, wow.

Are Y’all Really Paying $80,000 for Toyota 4Runners?

I couldn’t not re-up this post because, my God, I’m still in shock that we found a 4Runner listed for $80,000. Car prices are whack right now, yeah, but Toyota trucks are heading to another stratosphere. Plus I wanted an excuse to share this illustration I made. Cute, right?

If you liked any of those stories, I hope you’ll join us on the regular over at Car Bibles. Our comment section’s always open and we’ll be doing a lot of experimenting throughout the year as we look for new and fun ways to bring automotive entertainment to you.