The Fiat 500e Special Editions Can Be as Pointless as They Want for Under $40,000

If you're just looking for a cheap EV, you probably won't mind silly names like 500e Inspired by Beauty, right?

Fiat’s delightfully charming 500e electric hatchback is getting a touch of class and sophistication, with two special edition models designed to represent two “pillars of Italian culture.” The Fiat 500e Inspired by Beauty and Inspired by Music—yes, those are the names—bring unique style and curated sound designs, respectively. Better yet, they’re both priced at $37,595.

Let’s start with beauty, shall we? The Fiat 500e Inspired by Beauty comes with unique Rose Gold paint and body-colored mirrors, along with some chrome window trim. Inside, it gets beige eco-leather on the seats and dashboard. And that’s it, really.

However, the Fiat 500e Inspired by Music only comes in Tuxedo Black—a standard 500e color—to match the vibe of Andrea Bocelli, who helped design its audio modes. Bocelli chose four different sound “venues” for the JBL sound system. Each one digitally changes the characteristics of the 500e’s sound system in an attempt to transport its passengers. There’s “Music Room,” which is meant to feel like the artist is in the room with you; “My Recording Studio,” which is supposed to sound like the inside of a recording studio; “Giuseppe Verdi Opera House, Pisa,” that gives a live performance-type feel; and “Open-Air Arena”—I’m sure you can guess what that one is supposed to sound like.

For the most part, both Fiat 500e special editions are mechanically identical to the standard 500e. However, there is one functional difference. Both “Inspired By” models come with Level 2 advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technology, a first for the 500e. It uses adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist to allow for some momentary hands-off driving on certain roads. Currently, Level 2 ADAS isn’t available on the normal 500e, so if you want it, you’re going to have to buy one of these two special editions. While Fiat didn’t say when, expect the standard car to get Level 2 tech at some point.

As for the rest of the cars, they both retain the 500e’s 42-kilowatt-hour battery, single front motor with 117 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque, and a 149-mile range. And it can still charge from flat to full in four hours and 15 minutes on an 85-kW charger.

The standard Fiat 500e starts at $34,095, so the Inspired By models aren’t much more expensive and they come with Level 2 ADAS. So if you want that extra touch of class with your adorable electric hatchback, you don’t have to pay too much extra.

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