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Fun-Sized Fiat 500 Hatchback Removed From US Lineup Along With Cabrio, Abarth Models: Report

Why the brand would get rid of its most recognizable model is anyone's guess, especially since it outsells its larger 500L and 500X siblings.

Fiat will reportedly ax the pint-sized 500 hatchback from its American lineup following the 2020 model year. If true, this means the removal of what is easily the brand’s most recognizable car from the U.S. market.

Any talk of the Fiat brand to a non-car nerd and the lovable little 500 is probably the car they’ll mention first, but as Autoblog reports, the cut will include nearly the entire 500 lineup. This would mean that the hatchback, Cabrio, and rowdy Abarth models are all going the way of the dinosaur. The removal of such an icon will leave the brand with just the 500X crossover, the 124 Spider, and the 500L here in North America.

This isn’t the first Fiat model rumored to have its days numbered in the United States. Whispers have been swirling around the brand’s Miata-based 124 Spider for years, and as recent as the past week. Even so, the decision to kill what is easily the most recognizable car in the Fiat stable is odd. 

The 500 wasn’t the worst-selling car in the automaker’s catalog, as that title goes to the 500L and the 500X, so there’s a legitimate reason to question the reported move. There’s a chance that the all-electric 500e will pick up the torch and carry the tiny car into its next generation, as it’s set to be unveiled at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. 

Any guess on why, or what the company’s next steps might be are just speculation, though, as FCA hasn’t made any official statements on the matter. We’re still waiting on a press release or any FCA-stamped word of confirmation on this topic. In the meantime, we’ll wait to mourn the future loss of any Eurobeat-fueled trips to the espresso bar in the 500.