Mid-Engine Maserati MC20 Supercar Leaks Before Tomorrow’s Reveal

Maserati's latest mid-engine supercar features an 8,000-RPM twin-turbo V6 full of Formula One-inspired technology.

Images of the new 2021 Maserati MC20 mid-engine supercar leaked ahead of tomorrow’s reveal, complete with trick doors that open upwards, carbon fiber trim and a trident pattern in the rear window vents. 

It’s relatively clean and simple as far as supercar designs go, with just enough showy parts to let people know that it’s a rowdy twin-turbo Maserati. 

While the exterior feels a bit like a bunch of existing supercars got blended together into a palatable supercar smoothie, the MC20’s technology alone is enough to get excited for it. The twin-turbo, 3.0-liter V6 “Nettuno” engine includes features adapted from FCA’s race teams, including a dry sump and a trick F1-style twin-spark-plug pre-chamber combustion system. 

All in all, it should produce 621 horsepower, 538 pound-feet of torque and hopefully, a wonderful engine note. (We’ve got high hopes for that last one based on all of those prior Italian V6s.)

A more powerful hybrid version of this V6 drivetrain is expected to be an option as well to fit into Maserati’s electrification plans, however, we’ll have to wait and see if Maserati says anything about that in the MC20’s official reveal tomorrow. 

The interior in the leaked MC20 photos also looks very down-to-business, albeit with McLaren-like buttons to select drive modes on the center console. There are nicely bolstered buckets with blue trim and a small, easy-to-grip steering wheel. The infotainment screen looks like it’s been stuck onto the dashboard as an afterthought, but let’s be honest: you’re probably not buying a mid-engine Maserati for its navigation controls. 

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