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Someone Wrapped a Maserati Ghibli in Velvet and Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Why? Just...why?

Somewhere in Italy, it seems, someone has taken it upon themselves to wrap their Maserati Ghibli in velvet. Fake velvet, we assume. Going full George Costanza on a Maserati seems like a step too far, even for someone whose distinct lack of taste extends all the way to this sort of abhorrent design choice. Even so, laying eyes on a Ghibli covered in a fake version of a material traditionally reserved for couch cushions and Louis XIV-era garb is enough to leave us questioning why, just why, the world is the way it is. 

The picture above was posted to Facebook on the account of Euroimport Pneumatici; according to the comments, at least one of the page’s visitors caught a glimpse of the same car at the Venice airport. (It “was truly a gruesome scene,” he said, according to Facebook’s translation engine.)

Based on the gold body work jutting out in places here and there where the fake velvet doesn’t reach, we’re guessing this unusual wrap isn’t the first experience with the body shop. Still, as gaudy as the bright gold trim is, it’s still an improvement over the car’s current light-absorbing exterior.

Oddly enough, the velvet Maserati has a minimal sort of following on Instagram—not surprisingly, under the hastag #velvetmaserati. As far as we can tell, the car seems to have made at least one visit to Monte Carlo, much to the delight of at least one woman and one boy in Joe Camel shades.

This Ghibli is hardly the first car to be coated in faux woven fabric.  Such vehicles have shown up at the likes of the SEMA show every now and again; hell, inexplicably-famous-human-with-large-breasts Kylie Jenner even coated her G63 AMG in the stuff, a fact that led our own Sean Evans to mock her back in August.

But the AMG G-wagen is already such a ridiculous proposition, no amount of bizarre mods can give it true dignity. The Ghibli, on the other hand…the only thing that separates it from the luxury sedan pack is its sultry body. Leaving it slathered in this abhorrent coating…well, it’d probably be a blessing if somebody would just put this car out of its misery.