Maserati’s Brushed Aluminum Ghibli Trofeo Corse Shows Why More Automakers Should Skip the Paint

The beast of a one-off introduces the Trident brand’s Fuoriserie personalization program.

byMáté Petrány|
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Maserati's custom paint department has been busy lately. Last November, they cooked up a tri-color paint job to symbolize the past, present and future of the brand with the one-off GranTurismo Zéda. Moving into 2020, six new shades had to be developed for the 2022 MC20 supercar, which will also be available as an all-wheel-drive EV to bring even more colors to the table. Along with its mid-engine halo product, Maserati has also announced its new Fuoriserie personalization program, pushed to the maximum with the three Trofeo models you see here.

We will get to the Levante and Quattroporte Trofeos as well, yet first let's talk first about Maserati's stunning brushed aluminum Ghibli Trofeo one-off known as the Corse...


Corse will be one of the three Fuoriserie programs, dedicated to motorsport enthusiasts and collectors. For its 580-horsepower Ghibli Corse, Maserati chose its Officine Aluminum scheme with a brushed finish, along with a pair of red racing stripes that continue throughout both sides of the roof. If an extremely powerful sports sedan is made of lightweight aluminum, you might as well show it off, right?

Inside, it's only the driver getting a tan leather bucket seat, while the rest of the cabin is upholstered in black with contrasting vibrant red trident logos all over. Thanks to the makeover, this Ferrari-powered Ghibli is something else.

The second styling package is called Futura, but it's hard to explain what that means looking at the Levante show car. Textured and matte surfaces, a rough satin paint finish and a custom interior, plus the promise of the latest technologies from an SUV first introduced in 2016 make your 590-horsepower Maserati Levante feel closer to your heart.

Focusing on art and fashion is Maserati's third package, the Unica collection. Showcased with a Quattroporte that's certainly not road legal in this form, the Unica Maseratis get insane rainbow-colored pearl effect paints, an equally colorful interior and painted wheels you wouldn't want to scratch.

Mind you, the next-generation of the Quattroporte that's turning into an EV is just around the corner, so it may be interesting to see what Maserati's personalization program can do to the brand's latest design language. For now, this is the old dog packing 580 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque. It can paint the tarmac, as long as you're aiming for black.

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