Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is Better Than We Thought

This could be quite the leap for efficient family haulers.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Dec 1, 2016 3:47 AM
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is Better Than We Thought

It looks like the Pacifica Hybrid is set to exceed the expectations of even Chrysler itself. With the new model recently being handed over to the EPA for testing, results show that numbers are up from the company’s first prediction. With that being said, Chrysler could really start a trend for this segment -- especially since it’s performing so well.

Range figures were recently rated by the EPA, measuring in at 84 MPGe whereas Chrysler estimated 80 MPGe initially. The tests conducted by the EPA also revealed that the first PHEV minivan could travel 33 miles on electricity alone, three more miles than originally anticipated. These figures go to show that the humble people-carrier can keep up with other hybrids, even those much smaller and lighter than the Pacifica Hybrid.

The hybrid system is powered by a 3.6L V6 that runs on the Atkinson cycle, charging the 16-kWh battery as it takes you and your kids to and fro’ school functions/soccer games. Even with the range being so large, it’s charging time is minimal -- only taking two hours with a 240-volt charger to top off its juices. It’s impressive to see these numbers from Chrysler as most of the electric spotlight has been on Chevrolet and Tesla for the past year. This is certainly a positive peak for the Detroit staple.


Pricing is reasonable as well. An initial starting cost of $43,090 is then supplemented by a $7,500 incentive by the government. This handy little discount brings the total cost to $35,590 for the time being, a certainly sensible number since you get just as utility as you do fuel economy. Total savings for going with the Hybrid will surely pay off in the end for those who opt to go green. With fuel prices fluctuating after the election, the payoff should be mostly immediate.

If they keep it up, Chrysler could be a field-leader with the Pacifica Hybrid. It’s the first of its kind, and it also sets the bar high for its competitors. With EV’s becoming more popular, even in middle class America, this could be the first choice for many. The demographic and product there, now we wait for the sales to match the forecast.