Watch and Listen to an Aston Martin Vulcan Get Thrashed at Anglesey

Yup, it sounds good.

byChris Tsui|
Aston Martin News photo

Congratulations, you've made it to the weekend. While we'd all like to pretend that means nothing but farmer's markets, lively nights out on the town, and wholesome family brunches, many hours will also likely be spent living vicariously through internet car videos of varying moral value—at least if you're anything like us.

To get you started on this lonely Friday evening's digital erotica trip, we have a high-def clip of a smokin' hot British bombshell getting ridden within an inch of its life, all shot from the point-of-view of the driver doing the dirty deed. With the body of a centerfold and a voice from the heavens, it lets out an unrestrained scream as the driver takes the car to the limit, playing around with some tight, British curves. Once the main course is finished, our starlet receives a parting gift in the form of a playful, sweet-pastry-inspired spanking.

Originally hailing from Gaydon, England, this sensuous stunner is apparently no stranger to racy entertainment, dabbling its toes in group expeditions, public rubber-fetish shows, and even making a titillating appearance at one of the industry's biggest festivals across the pond. 

Look for this young supermodel to continue delivering heart-racing thrills in even raunchier, frillier outfits in the future.