McLaren 720S Involved in Motorcycle Altercation Leaving Florida Cars and Coffee

These bikers were not pleased after the McLaren allegedly rolled into one of their motorcycles.

byChris Tsui| UPDATED Jul 31, 2017 4:03 PM
McLaren 720S Involved in Motorcycle Altercation Leaving Florida Cars and Coffee

What is it about Cars & Coffee that makes leaving peacefully so darn difficult?

Today's car-meet-gone-wrong story comes from Palm Beach, Florida and doesn't involve another out-of-control Mustang trying to show off, but rather, a McLaren 720S driver having a road rage-fuelled spat with a pair of bikers. According to the video below's poster, it all started when the McLaren was cut off by the two riders and "blocked the car in." When the agitated driver stepped out of her supercar to express her displeasure, she apparently forgot to put on the parking brake, causing it to creep forward and hit one of the bikes. The bikers did not take this lightly.

They responded by punching and kicking the car. After allegedly taking a swing at the driver herself, the McLaren owner promptly got back into her car, fled to a safer location and contacted police. 

According to Reddit user Robinsmjr, who we suspect may be the same person who uploaded the video, the McLaren has a cracked front bumper, smashed mirrors, and multiple kick-induced scuff marks. Robinsmjr also says that the bikers claim that the 720S almost side-swiped them while leaving the car meet even though no video evidence exists of this and that the general consensus among onlookers is that the altercation was started by the bikers, not the driver.

In any case, the takeaway here is probably that everyone should make an effort to, y'know, take it easy when leaving these kinds of events no matter what you may be driving/riding, Mustang or not.