McLaren 720S Headed to Italian Open-Air Car Show

The 720S will show off its looks at an event in Italy, and try to impress the supercar capital with its British charm.

The new McLaren 720S has been the talk of the automotive world since its debut in March. Since it’s the first vehicle to replace another car in McLaren’s model range,  McLaren’s newest Ferrari killer has a lot to live up to. As the next step in McLaren’s hyped Super Series, the 720S will rocket to 212 miles per hour thanks to its impressive aerodynamics, carbon fiber body, and 710 horsepower engine. McLaren says this car is truly inspired by the legendary F1…and it thinks the Italians will appreciate the 720S as much as the rest of the world does. The car will be on display at one of Italy’s supercar shows, the Salone dell’Auto di Torino Parco Valentino in Turin, next week. 

The Salone dell’Auto di Torino Parco Valentino, also known as the Torino Outdoor Auto Show at Parco Valentino, is the largest open-air car show in Europe. Over 40 car manufacturers sponsor and participate in the show, so the McLaren fits in nicely. Visitors can walk along the streets near the park and view the auto world’s latest and greatest inventions. It’s fairly similar to a large American auto show, except the scenery is a lot prettier. The event will take place from June 7-11th, and is a must-visit for car enthusiasts vacationing in Italy. 

The McLaren 720S will have its own special event at the show, that will give the public a good first look at the car. The stand will be right at the entrance to the park, so spectators can’t miss it. Some lucky participants will be given the chance to test drive the super car, so you might even be able to get behind the wheel of the $288,000 exotic if you go. 

To those in Italy this week, do yourself a favor and make the trip to Turin; you won’t regret seeing the menacing British performance car in person.