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The McLaren 720S is Running 9-Second Quarter Miles from the Factory

That's almost as quick as the $1 million P1.

After watching the McLaren 720S humiliate everything from a 1,000 HP Ford GT to a Tesla Model S P100D on the highway, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Woking’s freshest car is wickedly fast. Whether racing from a roll or a dig, it’s got the speed to wax some of the most exotic and high-powered supercars on the road. Now, as Brooks from the YouTube channel DragTimes has shown, the 720S can hold its own on the drag strip, too, as it apparently just laid down a sub-10 second quarter-mile run.

That’s massively quick. It matches some of the fastest hypercars including the Porsche 918 Spyder, a car that costs four times as much only to gain a .04 second edge on the McLaren. 

Actually, the 9.98-second time that was achieved in this video is three tenths quicker than what McLaren quoted for the 720S. Much of the same is true with the car’s horsepower rating as dyno readings have shown that it actually puts down about 700 horsepower to the wheels. That’s close to the figure that the manufacturer quoted at the crank, meaning that output is likely in the neighborhood of 800 hp.

According to the owner, this car is completely stocked all the way down to its OEM Pirelli P Zero tires. Recorded 0-60 miles per hour times, reached 2.5 seconds, and 0-100 mph was equally impressive at 5.2 ticks. This video’s fastest running showed a trap speed of 141 mph, which is one of the highest figures of any car on sale in 2017, no matter the price. 

Watch the video below as the 720S takes on everything at Palm Beach International Raceway.