Want to Buy a 10K-Mile Porsche 918 Spyder for $1.4 Million?

A high-mileage hypercar, up for $400,000 more than it was brand new.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
For Sale photo

Recently, we at The Drive touched on the sorrow presumably suffered by millionaires upon discovering Koenigsegg had sold all 80 planned copies of its 1,500-horspower Regera. Well, if you do indeed happen to be a One Percenter looking to scratch that hybrid hypercar itch, we've found a nice consolation prize: a well-loved Porsche 918 Spyder, currently on sale in Texas for a mere $1,435,000. 

Why do we say "well-loved?" Because this 874-horsepower Porsche has a rather stunning 10,036 miles on the odometer. 

The hypercar is currently up for sale at Porsche of North Houston, according to the listing on Rennlist. This particular 918 Spyder is clad in slippery-looking Liquid Metal Chrome Blue paint (a $63,000 option), features a black-with-acid-green-interior with matching luggage, and comes specced with the Weissach Package, which adds downforce-boosting aerodynamics and  shaves just shy of 100 pounds from the "base" 918 Spyder by swapping in lighter parts, such as magnesium wheels and lighter brakes. (It also let buyers select a lightweight film in lieu of paint, but clearly the original owner didn't feel like playing that game.)

The dealership's post on the site mentions that the car was "thoroughly enjoyed but never abused," adding that Porsche of North Houston has the entire service history for the Porsche hypercar.

As it turns out, the original window sticker was also included with the listing, revealing the car's MSRP when new: $1,042,400. Which means, should the dealership find a buyer at this price, this Porsche actually appreciated $39 for every mile driven. That said, the price is a good bit cheaper than the other

Weissach Pack 918 Spyders

we found for sale online...so in a way, this $1.4 million used car is actually quite the steal.