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Watch the Dodge Viper ACR Rock A 7:03.45 Nurburgring Lap

This is apparently the fastest a production car has ever lapped the 'Ring with a manual transmission.

The crowdfunded campaign to take back the Dodge Viper ACR’s Nordschleife-crown announced a blistering time of 7:03.45earlier this week. Now, in the spirit of “video or it didn’t happen,” the team has inevitably released the recorded evidence of their latest achievement.

With SRT factory driver Dominik Farnbacher at the helm and Kumho-supplied, stock, street-legal Ecsta V720 tires on its wheels, this 2017 Viper ACR is now not only the fastest production car to lap the ‘Ring with three pedals, but the fastest production car to go around the Nordschleife and also be built in America. Your move, Chevy. 

We’ve obviously been no stranger to outrageously quick POV videos of fast cars lapping the German roller coaster that is the Green Hell, but the quickest one yet with a machine hailing from our own shores is quite a sight to behold. 

Last we heard, Farnbacher and the team are returning to Germany and gunning for another timed, hot lap in around three weeks time. Is the first American sub-7-minute Nurburgring lap right around the corner? Would make for quite the nice send off for the Dodge’s serpent-inspired sports car. Our fingers are crossed.