Dodge Viper ACR Goes On Firebreathing Rampage, Kills All the Lap Records

Meet the new king of Laguna Seca. And Road Atlanta. And 11 other racetracks.

byMax Prince|
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The Dodge Viper is a napalm bath of a sports car. Big ol’ honking V-10 up front, oil-drum tires out back. You can dispute how it delivers performance. (Relevant descriptors: crude, incorrigible, flesh searing). But nobody can dispute the performance itself. Especially not now.

Dodge has confirmed that, during benchmarking, the new track-focused Viper ACR set 13 production car lap records at race circuits across America. Thirteen. That’s so many lap records. For your consideration, three quick points:

The Porsche 918 Spyder costs $848,000.

The Dodge Viper ACR costs $122,490.

The Viper ACR is faster than the 918 Spyder around Laguna Seca.


You’re looking at what’s possibly the best bang-for-buck sports car. Ever.

And a firebreathing lap-record rampage is fitting punctuation to the Viper’s production run, which is probably ending soon. The ACR has a big wing and hateful demeanor, sure. But more important is the egalitarianism therein, a thing that stinks like Detroit and, with enough cajones behind the wheel, wipes the floor with Euro supercars for a relative pittance.

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