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This Twin-Turbo Dodge Viper Just Set The RWD Record in the Half Mile

237 MPH of venomous V-10 speed.

Half-mile dragsters just keep getting crazier. Highly modified versions of what used to be road cars come out in flocks to attack the airstrip with thousands of horsepower a piece, setting records and dropping jaws in their wake. While some of the fastest times are set by all wheel drive cars, the real driver stars launch their rear wheel drive machines to speeds higher than that of most Italian supercars, and this TT Dodge Viper just became the fastest of them all with a half-mile speed of 237 MPH.

That’s not far off the speed of the world’s fastest car, a 3,000 horsepower Nissan GTR that broke the record earlier in the year. Thanks to a skillful right foot and unmatched throttle modulation, this driver was able to launch the two wheel drive machine off the line and achieve a speed that’s just 18.5 MPH slower than the aforementioned overall title holder.

One stat that doesn’t show up on the slip is how filthy this thing sounds. While we won’t knock the twin-turbo V6 that’s in the GTR, it’s undeniable that a hard-hitting V-10 like the one here is just cooler. With flames spitting out of the side-dump exhaust, it has all of the theatrics to go along with that absurd speed.

Though the car’s fastest run isn’t captured in the video, repeated attempts of over 220 MPH show that this thing is as consistent as it is quick. Not to mention the driver, who surely has more manhood than I ever will. One thing is for sure — it’s earned its crown for fastest RWD half-mile car in the world.