Check Out The Intense Process Porsche Goes Through To Make A Carbon Fiber Front Trunk Lid

The new carbon lid for Porsche’s 911 Turbo Exclusive Series is a work of art. See how it’s made.

byBradley Brownell|
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It isn't often that you see a front lid and think to yourself that you'd like to know how it was made, but when it comes to Porsche's carbon fiber piece for the Turbo Exclusive, now that we've seen the process we're intrigued. There are so many steps to this process, and the fact that they're all done by hand in a world of fully automated craziness is simply a testament to how much work Porsche put into making this wildly powerful and intensely expensive 911 Turbo. From laying the carbon fiber weave by hand to polishing the final finish by hand, this process is ludicrous by modern manufacturing standards. 

Because this car is so off the wall, each step is thoroughly watched and quality controlled. You'd hate to spend a quarter million dollars on a 911 and have it not be perfect when you picked it up. At the end of the video, you can even see the hood being laser scanned to make sure it is precisely the right dimensions. While the rest of the car recieves similar levels of attention, the lid is our favorite and most satisfying segment to watch being made. You can watch a full 40-minute video of how the car is crafted from start to finish here

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Now that you've seen how detail oriented the 911 Turbo Exclusive Series production is, does this make the car seem like it might be worth the huge asking price, or is it still way too much for you to ever care about? 

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