Did You Know Martha Stewart Drives a Manual Aston Martin DB9?

It turns out America’s favorite homemaker is a bit of a gearhead.

byChris Tsui|
Aston Martin News photo


If you told us to guess what homemaking tycoon Martha Stewart had in her garage, we'd probably place our bets on something posh but practical like a Mercedes R-Class, Lexus RX Hybrid, or any number of luxury crossovers from Cadillacs to Land Rovers. While Martha does, in fact, appear to do most of her traveling in a Mercedes-Benz GLS, the Stewart garage is also home to something a little more exotic, an Aston Martin DB9 with a manual transmission.

Yep, in between the pictures of food and other famous people, Martha's Instagram followers got a look at how she's been spending her time: delivering eggs in a V12 British grand tourer. 

"It’s about 15 years old, standard shift, not a very good radio, but the car sounds great, drives like a dream once you master the gears." Not the worst car review we've come across, frankly. Perhaps Stewart can join our ranks as an automotive critic once the whole cooking-and-decorating thing runs its course. 

And whether or not you're a fan of hers or not, Martha's Instagram is a gallery worth scrolling through not just for the occasional car-related post but because it oozes the fun-grandma energy we all desperately need right now.

Here's a shot of her posing next to a Ferrari like a real social media influencer. 

Here she is knocking out what sounds like every one of her travel-related spon-con deals in one fell swoop.

Here's a throwback shot of her looking triumphant AF on her Harley-Davidson.

Here's how she really feels about people who constantly use "reply all."

And finally, here's her behind the wheel of that GLS daily complete with the obligatory micro-review. 

In other news, "my drivers and I" is now my preferred pronoun, please and thank you.

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