The Newest CoverGirl is Motorcycle Racer Shelina Moreda

The accomplished racer says the new partnership is “a dream come true.”

byEric Brandt|
The Newest CoverGirl is Motorcycle Racer Shelina Moreda


We don’t talk a lot about cosmetics here at The Drive, but we couldn’t help but notice that one of the newest additions to the Covergirl roster of makeup models is motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda according to Moreda is an International Pro Roadracer who also organizes riding schools for women across the world to not only encourage more women and girls to get into motorcycles, but to build their confidence using the activity she loves.

Moreda holds the distinction of being the first woman to ever race on a motorcycle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Her racing accomplishments include making Supermoto national ranking nine times, winning the FIM ePower Series world championship five times, and winning the Grand National Amateur Flat Track Women’s Championship three times.

Moreda’s other passion in life is makeup, which makes a partnership with Covergirl a perfect fit. According to her enthusiastic Instagram post announcing the partnership, Moreda explains how her makeup sets her apart from the men on the racetrack while making her feel pretty, strong, and confident.

As we’ve reported previously, statistics show that more women have been getting into motorcycles lately. This new partnership between an accomplished professional motorcycle racer and a cosmetics giant should help continue that trend and may even help grow the female motorsports scene.

For more information about Moreda's career or her camps, check out her website SheZRacing.