On International Women’s Day, Badass Indian Lawmaker Rides Harley to Work

Every now and again, Ranjeet Ranjan allows her husband to hop on back.

International Women's Day Badass

While I remain personally terrified of motorcycles as a means of transportation, I support any two-wheeled shenanigans, especially in service of righteous ladies doing it for themselves. Meet Ranjeet Ranjan, a member of the Indian Parliament, who celebrated International Women’s Day by riding to work through the streets of New Delhi on her orange Harley-Davidson. Once she arrived at the government building, Ranjan did a lap of the courtyard before parking and entering a budgeting session. Because she, evidently, is a total and complete badass.

The Harley, in all its tangerine glory, was purchased by Ranjan a couple of years ago and, per her reporting, has not been touched by hands other than her own. She did, however, allow her husband, also a member of parliament, to ride pillion.

On this International Women’s Day, we remember that our place is not always at the helm, but sometimes holding on for dear life as the women in ours speed forward.