Mercedes’ Concours de Zoom Is Your Dream Virtual Car Show With Jay Leno, Martha Stewart, and Luda

There are bound to be some interesting backgrounds.

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While actual real-life Concours and auto shows remain canceled thanks to coronavirus, Mercedes-Benz is—like many workplaces across the globe—turning to Zoom to scratch its social gathering itch. Going live at 5 p.m. EST on May 1 is the first-ever "Concours de Zoom," a virtual car show that might just represent the very first time a live internet thing has ever had the word "Concours" in its name.

Under normal circumstances, a fancy car event delivered via videoconferencing would be pretty notable in and of itself. Perhaps even more notable than the Concours de Zoom's mere existence, however, is its eclectically star-studded guest list. Headlining the event are prolific car collector and late-night TV icon Jay Leno, homemaking guru and proud Aston Martin DB9 owner Martha Stewart, and rapper/actor Ludacris, who is a documented Acura fan and Tej from the Fast & Furious movies

What a time to be alive.

Each celebrity guest will spend time talking through one of their personal Mercs and (this being a Mercedes event, after all) what about the car makes it good and special. Before the cynics get on their high moral horses and write the Concours de Zoom off as just one big Benz ad, however, know that an unspecified donation will be made to the American Red Cross at the end of the event presumably aiding the fight against COVID-19.

Plus, it sounds like Mercedes-Benz has got some genuinely interesting cars lined up including:

  • 1908 chain-drive Mercedes with a Benz Aero engine a.k.a. "Rabbit-the-First"
  • 1956 300 SL Gullwing
  • 1988 560 SL 
  • 1991 G 300 D

The Concours de Zoom isn't the first corona-era car show to be held virtually. Radwood held a 24-hour Instagram event called "VRadwood" last month in which participants were invited to posted pictures of their '80s and '90s cars online with a set of hashtags instead of turning up physically at a track in Austin or something.

Those interested in the Concours de Zoom should, obviously, make sure their Zoom app is ready to roll and hit this link once 5 p.m. EST (2 p.m. PST) rolls around on May 1.

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