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Mercedes-AMG to Send off SLC Roadster With Final Edition at Geneva Auto Show

Goodnight, sweet and sunny prince.

Everything looks better in yellow. Yes, I said it. And that includes the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 Final Edition Roadster that is set to be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show next month in Sun Yellow—a homage to its original debut coat.

In 1996, Mercedes-Benz launched its open-top SLK to join its lineup next to its less exciting brother, the SL. The goal of the SLK was to maintain a footprint that was the epitome of a roadster: sporty (Sportlich), light (Leicht), and short (Kurz), all while maintaining the luxury nameplate that is Mercedes. German engineers chose to emphasize that it too could be sporty by launching the car with a sunbeam-yellow paint job it called Yellowstone.

After over a decade of SLK-goodness, the roadster’s badge was retired and replaced by the more modern SLC beginning in model year 2017. With the changeover came the plucking of the beloved 5.5-liter V8 power plant and its AMG SLK 55 badge. Its successor, the AMG SLC 43, would be implanted with a 3.0-liter, bi-turbo V6.

Now, three years later, the SLC will come to an abrupt end in the pinnacle of its short-lived tenure as Mercedes-AMG prepares the “Final Edition” of the roadster for Geneva.

via Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes, a fan of tradition, chose to honor the SLK by painting the Final Edition in beautiful Sun Yellow, a tribute to signify that its star is burning brightest right before its end.

Other changes in the vehicle are largely cosmetic, including a host of high-gloss black elements to contrast the SLC’s bright coat. Mercedes will also outfit the car with AMG-branded 18-inch matte black wheels to complement the appearance of the car’s darkened aero bits.

via Mercedes-Benz

Inside the open-roof cabin sits beautiful black leather seats with silver pearl leather accents and gray top stitching to tie it all together. Carbon fiber embossed leather sits atop the “SLC Final Edition” branded headrest and across the steering wheel, complemented by Nappa leather for grip and a crystal gray 12-o’clock marker.

The Final Edition of the AMG SLC 43 will feature a powertrain and drivetrain that are largely the same of its predecessors, pumping out a near-synchronous 385 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque. As with previous year models, the sprint from 0 to 60 is achieved within 4.6 seconds.

While we mourn the loss of (almost) any car, the SLC has been seen as a dim light for some time now. Ending life with a bang could earmark Mercedes preparing for the next iteration of a luxury driver’s car, perhaps something which will tackle the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra head-on.