2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster: A Hardcore Soft-Top for Nürburgring Addicts

Mercedes-AMG plans to build just 750 of this 577-horsepower, active-aero convertible.

byJames Gilboy|
Mercedes-Benz News photo

Year, Make, Model: 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster.

Topline: Mercedes-AMG's brutally quick GT R sports coupe sheds its roof so people can see who's passing their AMG GT C Roadster on the outside of Karussell.

2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster., Daimler

What's New: The Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster is limited-run, folding-roof derivative of the company's hardcore hardtop, the GT R. Its roof has been designed with minimum weight, yet maximum durability in mind, and as such has a frame made from a mixture of steel, aluminum, and magnesium, and a canopy made from triple-layered fabric. To excuse stowing the roof on all of the year's 365 days is a combination of a heated "airscarf" neck vent and climate-controlled seats, which can heat or cool the driver's behind depending on outside temperature.

Thanks to the car's 4.0-liter twin-turbo AMG V8, minimal performance is lost in the transition from coupe to roadster. A total of 577 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque propel the GT R Roadster from zero to 60 in 3.6 seconds, just a tenth slower than the coupe. With enough straight road, it'll manage 197 mph, just one short of the coupe's top speed. Lap times will predictably come in a tad slower than the coupe's 7:10.92, but not by a margin large enough to make oneself the laughingstock of the country club—this AMG still has the coupe's active aerodynamics and rear axle steering.


Quotable: "The new AMG GT R Roadster is far more than the combination of the thrilling vehicle dynamics of the GT R with the special flair of our GT Roadsters," said Tobias Moers, chairman of the board for Mercedes-AMG. "It is the essence of two worlds, blending to deliver our brand pledge, Driving Performance, in a very special way. With our GT R Roadster we have without doubt once again developed a brand-defining sports car. It too embodies Mercedes-AMG in form, function and vehicle dynamics and enriches our GT family with a highly exclusive variant limited to 750 units."


What You Need to Know: Mercedes-AMG hasn't specified what the GT R Roadster will cost, but it's fair to expect the model to slot in above the $159,350 GT R coupe. Production of the GT R Roadster will be limited to 750 cars, all with plaques denoting their build number. If Mercedes builds an AMG GT R Pro Roadster, expect numbers to be limited further, and prices higher.

2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster

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