New Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro Tackles the Nurburgring in Angry Fashion, Doesn’t Break Records

However, Mercedes-AMG's newest and sweetest baby performed the task in just 7:04.632.

Inheriting upgrades derived from the company’s GT3 and GT4 racing programs, the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro is the meanest AMG GT yet. While it “makes do” with the same 577-horsepower, 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 as the amateur GT R, enhancements in aerodynamics, suspension, and weight reduction allow the Pro to lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7:04.632, in less-than-ideal fall conditions, no less. 

While this is impressively almost 6.3 seconds faster than the normal GT R, the GT R Pro’s time doesn’t break any records and is still a handful of seconds away from joining the sub-6-minute club populated by the fastest Porsches and Lambos of the land. Last month, a mildly-modified 911 GT2 RS smashed the road-legal car record making its way around the track in just 6:40.33. The fastest production car record, meanwhile, still belongs to the factory-ready Aventador SVJ which does it in 6:44.97. For even more perspective, Porsche’s 991.2 GT3 RS officially recorded a 6:56.4. 

Among the GT R Pro’s laundry list of upgrades are adjustable

coilover suspension, adjustable sway bars, a carbon reinforcement panel in the rear end, revised engine and transmission mounts up front, ceramic brakes, a front splitter, and front canards.

Daimler AG

The bright green, off-set racing stripes are also said to add 20 grams of downforce while my editor would probably say that’s some nonsense that I’ve just made up. (Correct. -Ed.)

Anywho, the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro will only be produced for the 2020 model year and will cost somewhere north of $160,000.