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Dodge Issues Recall After Putting Wrong Wheels on 173 Challengers and Chargers

"This wheel and brake package combination should not have been an available option," an NHTSA report notes.

Dodge is issuing a recall on 173 Challengers and Chargers that were sold with the wrong front wheels and tires, the insides of which are at risk of rubbing up against the suspension steering knuckle, according to the NHTSA report. Affecting precisely 62 Challengers and 111 Chargers—all of which are 2019 model year examples—the recall encompasses vehicles built at the company’s Brampton, Ontario plant between May 28 and Sept. 25 of this year, when “incompatible wheels were introduced into production.”

It doesn’t sound like the wheel alone is the issue here but it instead becomes a problem when the wheel in question is paired to a certain brake package. “This wheel and brake package combination should not have been an available option,” the NHTSA report notes.

In addition to being less-than-ideal as far as mechanical health is concerned, a factory tire that rubs up against suspension parts also presents a safety risk. “Contact of the front tire inner sidewall to the steering knuckle could result in tire damage and a sudden loss of tire air pressure,” reads the recall. Fortunately, no related incidents have actually been reported.

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To rectify the production gaffe, Dodge’s “Mid Gloss Black Wheel” (part number 5LD37RXFAA) will be replaced free of charge with this semi-gloss black twelve-spoke rim (part number 5RN84MALAC) on all affected cars. Front tires and alignment will be inspected and replaced or adjusted, if needed. Oh, and even though it isn’t technically necessary, Dodge dealers will also go ahead and replace the rear rims as well so they, you know, match.

Affected owners can expect to receive notices in mid-December.

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