Wisconsin Shop Bringing Hellcat-Powered AMC Javelin to SEMA

Is the SRT Hellcat V8 becoming the new LS of engine swaps?

byEric Brandt|
Wisconsin Shop Bringing Hellcat-Powered AMC Javelin to SEMA

As the venerable Dodge Hellcat brothers get to be a few years old, Hellcat engine swaps are becoming increasingly common. It’s easy to see why with the 6.2-liter supercharged SRT Hemi V8 making a whopping 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque in stock form.

A Hellcat swap that’s new to us is one that’s coming to SEMA in Las Vegas in just a few days. Spring Green, Wisconsin-based shop Ringbrothers is bringing a Hellcat-swapped 1972 AMC Javelin that they call "Defiant."

While swapping a Hellcat engine into an AMC might sound weird, there’s actually a little bit of a family lineage there. Before AMC was mercy-killed by Lee Iacocca in 1988, it was owned by Chrysler meaning it was under the same corporate flag as Dodge. Granted, AMC wasn’t a Chrysler brand in 1972 when this Javelin was built, but that’s close enough to being a Mopar...right?

The Defiant is more than an engine swap. It’s a full-blown restomod. All we’ve seen so far is a teaser image, but according to Motor Authority, Ringbrothers did a lot of bodywork using a lot of carbon fiber. The hood, front fenders, grille, and front valance will all have carbon fiber to reduce weight. The chief complaint about Hellcats is their pudgy curb weight, but that problem is easily solved with enough carbon fiber giving more potential to the potent engine.

Speaking of the engine, Ringbrothers wasn’t satisfied with just 707 horsepower. The shop upgraded to a 4.5-liter Whipple supercharger giving the engine enough boost to make four-digit horsepower.

The AMC Javelin is a rather underappreciated classic muscle car. It will be nice to see one get some spotlight at SEMA, albeit heavily modified.