New 2018 Triumph Tiger Teased in Adventurous New Video

An updated three-cylinder engine and a tech overhaul are coming to the redesigned Triumph Tiger.

byEric Brandt|
New 2018 Triumph Tiger Teased in Adventurous New Video


An updated version of the beloved Triumph Tiger adventure bike is on the way. It hasn’t been on the market for very long, but Triumph decided it’s already time for a refresh. Based on hints in the teaser video below, it looks like both the Tiger 800 and the bigger, more extreme Tiger Explorer are getting updates.

The big change highlighted by the video is to the engine. The only specification made in the video is that it will still be a three-cylinder, which is no surprise. Whatever changes are made, it will likely just be to the internals so don’t expect anything brand new or groundbreaking.

What might be an even more noticeable change than the engine is the technology offered by the new Tiger. A beautiful thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display color screen will replace the half analog, half digital display currently found on the Tiger. We also get a glimpse of the left handlebar which shows redesigned buttons and toggles that look like they’ll be a bit more intuitive than what’s on the current Tiger.

The exterior is the same general shape, but a bit different especially in the front end. The windscreen, headlights, and front bodywork all look a bit more clean and less angular than the outgoing model with nice looking new LED headlights. If you look closely, you can see a cornering light while the rider in the video leans into a turn.

Something subtle and very curious in this teaser is the presence of the number 12 on the bodywork of one of the bikes shown. This suggests that the current Triumph Tiger Explorer, which is a 1215cc bike, could be renamed to the Explorer 1200 or something else numerical. This is what makes us think updates are coming to both the Tiger 800 and Tiger Explorer.

What updates are you hoping to see on the new 2018 Triumph Tiger models?

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