Snow-Loving Canadian Dailies His $235,000 Lamborghini Huracan in the Dead of Winter

“Who cares if I’m going to get a scratch or something because of winter?” said the can-do Canuck.

byBrian Evans|
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In the northern part of the globe, once temperatures dip and winter begins to set in, many owners of sports cars and supercars decide to hide their precious vehicles away until the spring. However, one Canadian Lamborghini Huracan owner has decided to challenge that trend. 

Oren Zamir, from Edmonton, Alberta, drives his Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 year round—a little bit of snow or cold weather won't stop him from enjoying the all-wheel-drive Italian supercar. With a base price of over $235,000 and 600 horsepower on-tap, it isn't exactly what many people would consider a winter car, but a set of winter tires along with the all-wheel-drive system makes it manageable. 

"I've spent my best money, I've worked so hard for it, who cares if I'm going to get a scratch or something because of winter? I'm going to enjoy it day in and day out," Zamir told CBC in an interview

Zamir initially hoped to buy his Huracan in 2017, but when his company didn't make its sales goals he decided to take matters in his own hands. Zamir is a regional manager for Fluent Home, a home security company. In 2018, Zamir went door-to-door with his employees to help motivate them and increase sales numbers for his business. 

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Zamir stated he bought his Huracan used in 2018 with 29,000 kilometers on the odo (or about 18,000 miles).  Zamir doesn't plan on leaving his car stock for long though, as he explained: "I am going to make this a real beast," Zamir said. "I'm going to supercharge it and I am going to change a few body pieces to make it more unique."

Zamir said one of the reasons he drives the car year round is because he loves seeing the faces off the onlookers who can't help but catch a glimpse of the mid-engined exotic in inclement weather. "You have car fanatics at all ages, you know, and I respect that," Zamir said. "Put a smile on people's faces in the middle of the winter. I love it." 

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