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Watch a Cop Play Bumper Cars to Nudge a Pontiac GTO Down a Snowy Interstate

When you forget to buy winter tires, it's the Milwaukee County police to the rescue.

Driving a rear-wheel drive car in the midwest without winter tires is a dangerous gamble. You might be fine for most of the winter, but when the roads get snowy, slushy, and slippery, you’ll wish you forked over the money for a proper pair of winter boots for your car. Such was the case for this gentleman and his blue fifth-gen Pontiac GTO who got stuck spinning his tires and getting nowhere on I-43 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

But luckily for him, he wasn’t stranded. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputies got creative in giving this guy a hand to get him moving down the interstate. It began with someone dumping a bunch of salt near the tires in an effort to give the car some traction. After that, the bull bar on the front of the Dodge Charger Pursuit came in handy as it gently nudged the helpless GTO to give it some momentum on the highway. The cop then proceeded to follow closely behind the muscle car once it was able to drive without being pushed by another car.

It was nice of that cop to help out in the snow, but let this be a warning to anyone brave enough to go RWD without winter tires in a snowy climate this winter. If we can’t convince you that winter tires are worth it, hopefully, this amusing video can.