Exclusive: Patrick Dempsey’s Interview for “The Racing Life of Paul Newman”

The modern actor-slash-driver archetype sounds off on the original.

byThe Drive Staff|
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Patrick Dempsey remembers meeting Paul Newman for the first time—at a racetrack, naturally. Dempsey had just crashed out. Hard.

“My head’s still ringing,” he recalls. Someone comes up and says, “Mr. Newman wants to see you!”

And so begins Dempsey’s story, hanging with arguably the coolest man ever to stroll down pit lane. Here, McDreamy sits down with Adam Carolla to talk about the behind-the-scenes Newman, the one that so few ever got to see; most notably, Newman the racing driver. Segments of this interview are spliced into Carolla’s new documentary, Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman, which is out now and streaming on Amazon. But this, the full-length uncut footage of the Dempsey’s interview, is an exclusive for The Drive. Enjoy.