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Watch This Dude Rip a Honda Farm ATV Like He’s in a Gymkhana Video

Whoever says you need a sport quad to do sick drifts has never wheeled a Honda Rancher in anger.
@matt_y14_ via Instagram

Some say there’s no greater thrill than driving a slow car fast. Hooning a farm ATV like a Gymkhana car must be like the final form of that. Matthew Cathcart does this pretty often, by the looks of it, and these videos of his crazy stunts on a Honda Rancher are the sickest I’ve seen.

I’ll admit I’m a little jealous of this guy. I grew up riding a Honda Recon ATV, which is like the Rancher but smaller (and slower). My friends and I burned up many a tire by drifting our four-wheelers around every corner we came across. The difference is that none of us were former British rally championship contenders like Cathcart.

His car control is simply stellar. You can see from the other videos he’s uploaded to Instagram that no matter what vehicle he’s in, he can slide it. Whether it’s a Ford Focus RS or a gosh darn Land Rover Defender, Cathcart makes it look easy.

Drifting an ATV like this takes more than good hand-eye coordination, too. You also have to shift your body around to make it go one way and then the other. It’s not like the 420cc engine has all the power in the world so man and machine have to be in sync when pulling off a sweet reverse-entry drift.

Just look at the onboard POV in this clip:

And don’t even get me started on the sick front-wheelies. Four-wheel drive comes in handy there:

A commenter asked Cathcart how many tires he goes through every month, to which he responded, “[I’m] on the same tires since this time last year.” I totally believe that. There’s no way you’re getting a rig to slide like that on pavement without completely bald rubber. Of course, it also helps that it rains all the time in the UK.

I definitely won’t encourage you to try this at home because all it takes is one unexpected bump to go flying over the handlebars. Cathcart has shared a few bloopers of himself, even, and he’s a pro. Instead, join me in living vicariously through this dude who’s clearly living it up.

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