New 3D Engine Sim Can Synthesize Super Realistic Exhaust Sounds in Real Time

Ever wonder how an engine will sound before you build it? There's an app for that.
AngeTheGreat via YouTube

YouTuber AngeTheGreat has made some impressive engine simulators in the past. Everything from rotary engines to inline-sevens can be tested digitally, but they’ve always been in two dimensions. This is fine for most curious tinkerers, but what if you really want to know how something like exhaust shape or intake length affects the sound of an engine? Well, Ange is working on an answer for the more inquisitive among us. His latest sim, known as Engine Simulator 3D, will be able to do just that.

It’s still being developed as we speak and is far from finished, but it’s in a workable enough state to start showing off what it can do. His latest video goes over his progress so far and dives deep into why some engines sound the way they do, and the math behind simulating different exhaust notes.

Importantly, Ange’s new software will be able to adjust engine models in real time, which is something the two-dimensional version can’t do. In other words, if you don’t like the way your V8 sounds, you can tune the size of the various intake and exhaust pipes as it’s actively running, listening carefully until you find the note you’re looking for. Likewise, since it’s in 3D now, users will be able to move a digital microphone in the space around the motor to test its sound in various positions.

Since it’s not complete yet, all of the features aren’t apparent, but what we do know is that it’s shaping up to be far more advanced than the 2D versions of the software, which was already impressive. Things like twists and turns in individual header pipes, collector length, and even intake track shape seem like they could be altered. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of adjusting your motor, things like the flywheel mass, combustion chamber volume, piston friction, and piston mass are already editable.

Currently, only supporters of Ange on Patreon can test the software, but it will likely eventually be available to the general public. There is no exact date planned for a release, however, Ange posts updates on his channel somewhat regularly. When it’s ready to go, you’ll find out there.

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