Watch an Amazon Delivery Van Get Ripped in Half by a Barreling Train

When an Amtrak comes crashing through just inches behind your head, you're allowed to freak out a little.

However crappy your day at work has been, it was probably still better than that time an Amazon driver got hit by a train.

Per TMZ, an Amazon van got split in half in Milwaukee back in November 2021 and the outlet has just now obtained some truly wild footage of the incident. You can see the moment an Amtrak train absolutely rips through the delivery van—which, ironically perhaps, happens to be a Ram product judging from photos of the aftermath. It’s a harrowing moment as all of the airbags are deployed, the driver’s glasses are knocked off of his face, and the rearview mirror is detached from the windshield and left to dangle in front of the in-cabin camera nonchalantly.

The train misses the delivery driver by mere inches and can be seen whizzing past where the whole cargo section of the van used to be. Reportedly, the driver came away from the ordeal unscathed but still went to the hospital just to be safe. The video also contains crash footage as seen from a camera facing out the front of the van, and the windshield can be seen being shattered on impact.

Take a look:

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