Watch This Clueless Driver Clear Her Windshield of Snow on a Busy Interstate

If you’re going to drive on the highway with a snow-covered windshield and attempt to use a large brush to solve that problem, prepare to be filmed.

byMarco Margaritoff|
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It’s officially winter in the northern hemisphere, and it’s important to be prepared—especially if your vehicle is covered in snow and you’re about to hit the highway. This particular Toronto woman seems to have strongly disagreed with even the most basic of precautions, deciding that clearing her snow-covered windshield could wait until she reached the highway—and that a big brush would likely do the trick.

As you can see from the viral video below, the driver’s questionable decision-making wasn’t lost on fellow Canadians nearby. Surrounding onlookers, such as the rather jocular Gavin Gerbz who captured the footage, were stunned at the encounter on Toronto's 401 highway. Fortunately, Gavin was well aware that anyone struggling with a confounding, unnecessary challenge is usually best accompanied by the contrasting triumph of the Rocky theme song. 

While the woman has yet to be identified, she does provide the rest of us with a very important lesson to learn from. First, don't drive your car if the windshield is covered in snow. The lesson essentially ends there, but if you somehow happen to follow in her misguided footsteps, make sure you stop your car immediately and remove it before nearing any kind of freeway, highway, or other highly populated and vehicle-prone areas. 

Ultimately, the inherent comedy here can only be mined because there weren't any bystanders who were injured by this baffling life choice. Driving already requires enough focus and motor skills enough for a complete lack of visibility and distracting brush task to complicate it even further.