Watch a Jeep Wrangler and 2 Toyota Trucks Rescue a City Bus Stuck in Snow

Teamwork makes the dream work when a much larger vehicle gets stuck.

byStef Schrader|
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There aren't too many opportunities to show off your fancy off-road rig in the city, but three truck-having friends proved once and for all that you can do more than just flex on landscaping boulders and Best Buy parking lots.

You can break out the tow straps and rescue a whole city bus full of passengers if the conditions are bad enough, and you might even make it on YouTube, much like these fine Quebecoise.

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"My friends and I rescue this city bus in Montreal!" said the description reposted by the ViralHog channel. "We take our three trucks, a Toyota 4Runner V8, a Toyota Sequoia and a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The bus was full of passengers and we had to pull them out of the snow and climb an icy hill."

I know we all like to talk smack about which off-roader is the best, but when you're feeling those civic duty vibes over a bus that's gotten stuck in the snow, the Toyota vs. Jeep debate can be shelved for another day. You link tow straps together, switch into 4-Low, and help your fellow men (plural, as in a bus full) get up a slippery hill. 

There's plenty of wheelspin in the process of towing this bus up the hill, but eventually, the train of four vehicles makes it up to level ground where the bus can continue on its route. If this isn't the feel-good winter story of the year for you, then I recommend finding a similar off-road rig and wheeling through your feelings on a good, peaceful trail. 

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