Is Anyone Crazy Enough to Buy This $5,300 Mugen Shift Knob?

This is an ultra-rare Mugen shift knob for a Honda CR-X, and nobody is quite sure why it costs so much.
car-jp.sushi Ebay

Ultra-rare car parts are a weird high-end market of their own. Nailing down the value of aftermarket parts is hard, and it comes down to scarcity, desirability, and one person who wants to make their car as true as possible to an idea. I’ve seen a lot of pricey rare parts, but this $5,300 Mugen shift knob for sale on eBay takes the cake.

Enthusiasts of the Japanese aftermarket will know that the lore behind it is deep, mysterious, and popular. The golden era of Japanese tuning happened in the ‘80s,‘90s, and ‘00s, and there are cars and parts that people still use for inspiration. The R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo Z-Tune, Amuse Honda S2000 GT1, Top Secret Toyota Supra, and Mugen CR-X Pro are all examples of cars that folks still try to recreate. And many parts that make those cars up are out of production and dwindling in numbers. 

Still, we’re often talking about rare speed parts, body kits, and interior parts when it comes to these cars. Which is why the $5,300 Mugen shift knob isn’t so unusual, but it is insanely expensive compared to other parts. Usually, a rare gauge cluster or interior panels draw this kind of money. And what’s weird is that there isn’t much info on its origins.

I tried looking at interior photos of the Mugen CR-X Pro but didn’t see the mystery wood knob in it. There’s an old forum post possibly discussing the same knob, but the images are gone, and the Wayback Machine didn’t save the webpage. One thing is for certain, there is almost no trace of this knob anywhere, not even in some Mugen parts brochures I can find. It’s likely a product of the ‘80s and predates any digital archiving.

If you want to win any Honda meet, this is the shift knob for you. It might be the rarest, most expensive shift knob on Earth.

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