Motherlode of 90,000 Honda Parts Could Be Yours for $1.75 Million

The treasure trove of OEM parts covers Honda models going all the way back to 1974.

byLewin Day|


eBay can be a great place to hunt for auto parts. Whether you're looking for a cheap replacement item or something obscure for a classic vehicle, it's a useful place to find what you need. One warehouse is going above and beyond, however, offloading a giant cache of over 90,000 Honda parts, as covered by CarScoops.

The parts in question come from the stocks of a warehouse in Amman, Jordan, known as the General Jordanian Automobile Trading Company. Listed plainly on eBay as a "Honda rare parts lot," the lot consists of 14,600 unique part types, or 90,129 parts in total. According to the seller, 76% of the stock is for 1974-2000 models, while the remaining 24% covers the 2001-2015 model years. At the buy-it-now price of $1.75 million, the price comes out to around $19.42 per part before shipping.

Photos from the listing show a dark and dusty warehouse full of boxes, but it otherwise looks neat, tidy, and well-organized. The company claims to have operated as a Honda dealer for 41 years, ceasing operation in 2015. Of course, the dealer closing down doesn't mean that Honda suddenly changed all its parts overnight, so many of the items may indeed suit later model vehicles as well.

The idea of "rare Honda parts" may seem like a misnomer, given the company's mass-market vehicles are so broadly popular. However, the stock catalog highlights that this really is a treasure trove of obscure pieces. If you've been dreaming of finding a new oil pan for your 1977 Honda Acti, it's here. Trunk lid seal for a 1988 Prelude? Tail lights for a 1974 Civic? They're sitting on a shelf in the Middle East waiting for your purchase.

There's bigger stuff on the shelves, too. Door panels, window glass, and even some transmission cases make appearances in the stocklist. New-condition parts like these are invaluable to those restoring older vehicles. Factory fresh panels are always preferable over pulling panels off junkyard vehicles, where rust and damage are often an issue.

There's no guarantee as to the quality of the parts, of course. When talking about gaskets and seals for the 1970s cars, for example, it's unclear whether these parts are new and in good condition, or whether they have perished and degraded from decades on the shelf. Buyer beware.

As is typical with these sort of job-lot sales, shipping is to be arranged at the buyer's expense. Loading everything into containers ought to take a few days or so for a crack team of warehousing staff, so budget that into your calculations before making an offer.

It's unlikely that such a collection is suitable for the individual enthusiast; the full parts haul would be unlikely to fit in the average garden shed, after all. It's a haul most likely to go to a large operation specializing in rare, old-school Honda parts, as that's where most of the money is likely to be made. Here's hoping a good number of classic Civics find themselves some shiny new lights and trim pieces from the sale of this collection.

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