Ferrari 488 Challenge Race Car Lives on as Track-Blitzing Camera Rig

Coolest camera car ever? Coolest camera car ever.

byPeter Holderith|
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If you want to film fast cars, you generally need some serious equipment. Sports sedans are good tracking cars,

helicopters are often used, and drones are starting to catch up as well. Race cars aren't often used on account of their price and limited availability, however, it doesn't mean they aren't great machines for the job. That's far from the truth.

Proving this to everyone is an automotive media production company called Ralle, which is based out of the U.K. To facilitate the creation of ever-improving automotive video content, the company turned a Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo into the ultimate camera car with help from automotive customizer Talos. Packing a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 making 670 horsepower, it will doubtlessly keep up with almost anything it wants to film or snap pictures of.


The car was unveiled for the 2021 British Motor Show at Farnborough, meant to show off the capabilities of the small but growing company that operates it. The company in question, Ralle, has done video content with the likes of Aston Martin, Dallara, and Porsche in the past, so it's no surprise it needed something quick to continue to handle that kind of work.

The exact details of how the rig was constructed and what part Talos had to play aren't clear, however, the end result is obvious. There's now a pylon sticking out of the hood to facilitate the mounting of a camera and tracking system. The entire build took just seven days, and the young company says it will enable them to capture high-quality footage around "the twists and turns of much-loved circuits."

"We have been exploring different means to capture unique, high-speed shots for some time," Jimmy Howson, the founder of Ralle said. "Our Ferrari tracking car is the result of weeks of planning and adjustments."

He went on to say that with the addition of this new tracking car to the company's arsenal, there's an exciting new period of the business's life to come. "It’s an exciting time for Ralle as we hope to take our skills and brand reach to a range of new audiences."

With this new high-speed tracker, there's no doubt those skills will arrive ahead of schedule. 

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