Ferrari Race Car Bed Lives Its Best Life Getting Turned Into A Real Car

Dreams really do come true!

byStef Schrader| UPDATED Nov 28, 2018 8:00 AM
Ferrari Race Car Bed Lives Its Best Life Getting Turned Into A Real Car

Ever wish your toys would become real? I'm not talking about some Velveteen Rabbit-type stuff, because I'm pretty sure my stuffed animals coming to life would start World War III. I'm talking about your car toys. Admit it: you used to make vroom vroom sounds whenever you encountered a car-shaped bed, too. Now the Hoonigans finally made a car bed that you can drive, and it's all of my hopes and dreams come true. 

The Hoonigans picked up a faded red Little Tikes bed shaped roughly like a Ferrari Testarossa—side strakes, front toy box and all. There's a big wing, too, only I'm pretty sure this one is actually meant to be a shelf. 

An old shifter kart was cannibalized for the project, which needed a frame built under the bed to make it work. Surprisingly, the motor fired right up after cleaning up the carburetor, so that became replaced your imagination as the powerplant for the bed. The kart frame was extended out to the bed's dimensions to under-pin the bed. 

The space behind the wheels had to be cut out to make room for real wheels to slide in underneath the plastic bed ones. To keep the look of the bed, the plastic wheels remained in their spots, with the front wheels actually turning inside the bed so as not to be seen. 

Even the toy box is getting in on the action, housing fuel and a battery for now, as the build progresses. 

This has to be my favorite project car on the internet right now, specifically because it's not a car, was never meant to be a real car and is becoming a real car anyway. You can't tell me what to do, Mom! Anyway, this race car bed car is the latest project on The Hoonigans' Garage Garage show, so be they'll be posting further build updates (and probably donuts) here.