‘Dumb & Dumber’ Dog Van for Sale Is a Replica But It’d Still Be a Fun Daily

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Right now, you have a chance to own and drive around one of the most iconic movie cars of all time. Sort of. This “Mutts Cutts” furry dog grooming van might only be a replica of the iconic Dumb and Dumber car but, honestly, who cares? It’s currently up for sale on Cars and Bids and already has 34 bids in just two days.

Under all that “fur” carpeting is a 1993 Ford E-150 Econoline van, just like the one in the movie. It was then wrapped in tan carpeting and given fake dog ears, nose, tongue, and tail, making it look almost identical to the movie car. It even has the “Mutts Cutts” sign on the side. If you can spot the differences between this replica and the actual van driven by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels then you’ve watched Dumb and Dumber too many times.

Inside, the replica van has a carpeted dashboard and steering wheel, along with Petey the Bird’s cage. A fake Petey is also in the cage, with his taped-on head.

Included in the sale of the van is also a replica of the minibike used in the movie. The minibike is painted correctly and even comes with the matching helmet. Buyers also get a black briefcase, just like the one that kicks off the entire plot of the movie, and window inserts that make it look like Harry (Daniels) and Lloyd (Carrey) are in the car.

This might seem like an incredibly silly thing to buy, especially when it isn’t cheap—the current bid is up to $19,250 and there are still five days left. However, it’s a car that brings joy to people, even if it is just a replica. Proof of that joy is the comments section on this auction, where commenters are collectively singing the mockingbird song and rattling off quotes from the movie. I just hope whoever buys it takes it on as many road trips as possible.

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